There have been many songs that have been written and they talk about different themes but one that has been a topic for all the years that music has started. Even if they have the same topic but they have the different beat, the word is and style that makes them appreciated by the present generations. There is the genre of music that stays for so long as there are still people who love them and especially that there are musicians who also had chosen that genreĀ to perform.

Tribute songs are special as they are made in memory of someone. One tribute song that my friend has encountered and said will not forget is the song composed by Elton John for Princess Diana. Her aunt made her watch many videos about the princess and also the song. It is the one that had stayed with her. There are many more other tribute songs that had been written and sung and performed. They are very special as they were made with much emotion and care.

One of the goodness of the song is that it seems more active to bring out some emotion fro the listener. They are also remembered and sung again even if the moment has passed. That is because they also contain words that one may want to be able to say to someone. Or the words that like to comfort and give encouragement. If you will search for tribute songs, you can find many of them.