The Greatest Song Writers in the World

Music is like food and water. Without music, life would seem hopeless and meaningless. Though not everyone love listening to music, it is not a reason for musicians to stop composing their own music. This includes song writers. This article will mention some of the greatest song writers from the different parts of the world. Among them, Billy Joel is a talented singer and song writer as well. Aside from being a singer and a song writer, he can also play the piano very well.

Richie Sambora is also one of the greatest song writers in the world. He is a very talented person as well and his name is shining in the world of music. He is known as one of the greatest American guitarist. Some of you might be familiar with Freddy Mercury who was a famous singer and also song writer during his time. Paul McCartney is very popular in the music industry as a singer and also song writer. He can also play different musical instrument. Keep your interest from this bridal. Jasmine company dress will gonna give you the service of dress that you will like the most. I bet you will surely love to come here may times.

Do you know Tim Rice-Oxley? He is shortly known as a musician. Well, he is very talented in terms of music. He is also considered as one of the greatest song writers. Another talented and one of the greatest song writers in the world is John Lennon. You probably know him or is familiar with this famous singer and song writer. Yoshiki Hayashi is obviously a Japanese citizen. He is a famous musician which means he is very talented in music not only as a song writer.