How to make a greeting card with music

A greeting card is one of the things that would not disappear. Even with the appearance of the different devices and gadgets that could be used in sending greetings but there is the special thing on sending a card itself. But now cards also could be leveled up. that is because it is not just a gift but also one that is valued. There are those made especially for children and for the holidays. But if you also want to send one then you can make it.

the video above is the tutorial on how you could make the card that has a music in it. The first one is that makes the design of the paper and then print it. You can put anything that you want in the card and decorate it with different styles and then trim the excess parts. Crease the card where you will fold them and fold it inwards. Then as shown in the video, you prepare to put the sound module as instructed in the video.

You can even record your own message or anything and put it as the sound module and it would play. It is a good way to greet someone whom you have not meet for a long time. Voice also could have an effect to warm the heart. Whatever you have planned the video is a guide that will let you make your own greeting card with a music on it. You can have a design guide from the net if you have difficulty making it.