There are basic considerations that you have to make when you will compose your own music. You may feel encouraged by the beautiful music that you are listening and you may have watched or heard of musicians who had composed their own music and now they are well-known around the world. There are many who now join competitions that have the ability to compose their own music. Then how could you also compose one?

There are parts of a song and that is the melody, harmony and the lyrics that you have to compose. The melody is one that makes you remember a song. It is distinct and one that is described as one that could be whistled. Harmony is the one that will set the mood of the composed song. The example given is the instrument used and that will go together with the melody. To make it possible, you also have to learn the keys and the chords for your song. You may use the piano directly for keys to play.

When you are making your lyrics, you could use the basic structure of them. The first one that you will make is the intro the comes to the verse and the chorus then repeat verse and chorus. After the chorus is the bridge and then verse and repeat chorus and then the outro. This is the basic structure of the lyrics you can follow. Having been introduce to the three parts of a song, you need o study more as you are just at the door.